A Halloween My{tery at Home
The Curious Case of the Magical Bottle

A Halloween My{tery at Home
The Curious Case of the Magical Bottle

A digital quest for families to enjoy at home

Our magical bottle, protector of the borough, is missing. Preston Park has been consumed by trickery, mischief and hocus-pocus. Join us from the comfort of your own home, to help to find clues and complete tasks and save Halloween.

How to take part in The Curious Case of the Magical Bottle:

On display at Preston Park Museum is a curious and elegant green glass bottle.

Found in the dome of Stockton Town Hall during repair work in the 1840s, it is believed to have been placed in the hall during construction. Folklore would have it that the bottle has magical powers which project the borough of Stockton.

This ornate bottle has been protecting the borough for centuries, until now…

Staff at the museum were doing their usual checks before opening up one morning to find that the bottle had disappeared from its case. And ever since its disappearance, mysterious things have been happening.

We need your help to return the bottle before midnight on Halloween. Take part in a series of challenges this Halloween to help us find the retrieval spell, and there will certainly be treats in store!


  • Get dressed up in your favourite Halloween costume – our wonderful witches would love to see you in your own witch costumes
  • Make your favourite Witches Brew
  • Get your materials together
  • Tune in and enjoy!

Follow and take part in a series of magical challenges and help to retrieve the missing bottle.

Materials for the challenges:

  • a glass or a plastic bottle – the smoother the better!
  • vegetable oil
  • some food colouring
  • a soluble vitamin tablet (one that fizzes when put in water)
  • a torch if you have one
  • scrap paper (old take-away menus work well!
  • cardboard
  • Blu Tack
  • a garden stick (bamboo)
  • glue
  • greaseproof paper
  • sticky tape
  • wax crayons
  • tissue paper
  • a jam jar
  • a tea light

Please ensure that there is an adult present when taking part in these activities.


Meet head witch, Marla. Marla’s family have been in Stockton since the 1700s. They created the bottle and its protection spell.

Challenge 1

Make a Lava Lamp with Professor T

Challenge 1
Challenge 2

Make a Magical Wand with Vannora

Challenge 2
Challenge 3

Make a Lantern with Ilva

Challenge 3
Retrieval Spell

Join the coven to cast the retrieval spell. Have we done enough to find the bottle?

Retrieval Spell
Enjoy your Halloween!

Join us for a Halloween Party at Home with The Baghdaddies.

Enjoy Your Halloween

Activity Pack

Even more activities from our wonderful witches!


Design and animation by Chris Lavelle, LDi Studios
Scripting and storytelling by Susan Mulholland
Animation VoiceOver and challenge workshops directed by Maria Crocker
Challenge workshops created and performed by Jane, Paul and Vicky from Whippet Up
Challenge workshops filmed and edited by Fierce Ginger Productions
Finale Halloween Party by The Baghdaddies
Activity Pack by Abby+Owen