Victorian Street

The shops on the Victorian Street are run by volunteers and whilst we do try to ensure they are open, there may be some occasions when they cannot due to availability.

Toy Shop

Play with traditional toys in our toy shop on the Victorian Street. We also have a large selection of pocket money treats, Jelly Cat collection and wooden toys for sale.

An image of a little Girl playing with traditional toys

Sweet Shop

No visit to the Victorian Street is complete without a trip to the sweet shop. Discover old favourites including bonbons, pear drops and aniseed balls.

Young Boys Being Served Old Fashioned Sweets By Two Ladies In Victorian Costume, In The Sweet Shop

Police Station

Meet our resident bobbies and see what crime and punishment was like in Victorian times. You'll visit the cells, learn about prison food and see handcuffs, truncheons and other paraphernalia.

An image of the Victorian Policeman at Preston Park


Our master blacksmith Peat Oberon can often be found hard at work in the traditional Forge. When he is around, why not pop in and say hi.  

Blacksmith at work on the Victorian Street


Discover how loose tea would have been measured out ‘the old-fashioned way’. Fresh produce grown in the Walled Garden is sometimes available to purchase (seasonal).

Onions and lavender on display outside of the grocers


Our Victorian printers has a working 1839 Albion Printing Press and a Columbian Eagle Press . Why not have a go at printing your name using traditional wooden type?

An image of a costumed interpreter holding a newspaper in the printers on the Victorian Street


Play dress-up and try on hats, caps, bonnets, waistcoats and pinafores in the Drapers. Learn about the history of fashion and the perils of the Corset!

Group of people dressed in Victorian costume looking at patterned fabric in the drapers shop


Pay a trip to J.Walker Chemist for advice on all ailments and remedies. Even have a go at crushing and rolling your own tablets.

Costumed interpreter dressed in Victorian dress behind the counter in the Chemist shop on the Victorian Street

Violin Maker

Watch Sean Galvin of Manship & Galvin, our resident violin makers, at work, as he uses traditional methods to repair and make violins.