Walled Garden open for spring/summer 2024

Entry to the Walled Garden is free and via the bandstand garden, whilst work is being carried out to transform the museum.

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 3pm

We rely on our dedicated and passionate volunteers to help keep the garden looking its best. Please help support them by not picking fruit and vegetables, no bikes or scooters, and no smoking or vaping.

The Walled Garden is accessible by wheelchair and pushchair.

Walled Garden

Visit our beautiful Walled Garden filled with seasonal fruit and veg and colourful flowers. It evokes the character of a working Victorian Kitchen Garden.

Girl Dressed As A Butterfly in the Walled Garden


We have two hives in our Walled Garden, home to 120,000 honeybees in the summer. Please keep a safe distance while they are busy working and saving the planet.

Honeybees in the Walled Garden

Winter Garden

A winter garden was a must for Victorian high society. Today you can still enjoy the tropical planting and enjoy unrivalled views of the park. Enter via the museum.

Winter Garden